Campaigns for Innergy, QuitNet and Healthways Financial Well-Being

Healthways offers engagement campaigns supporting:

  • Innergy® weight management program
  • QuitNet® tobacco cessation program
  • Healthways Financial Well-Being, powered by Dave Ramsey

These campaigns encourage individuals to participate in the respective programs. The campaigns include print and electronic marketing materials, and they let individuals know about the unique support and resources the programs give them to reach their goals—whether they want to lose weight, quit tobacco or have financial security.

Familiarize Yourself with the Campaigns.

  1. For descriptions and campaign guidelines, view the Innergy Portfolio, QuitNet Portfolio and Healthways Financial Well-Being Portfolio.
  2. You can also view individual PDF templates from these campaigns:

   Innergy   QuitNet   Financial Well-Being






If additional materials and resources are requested, please contact us.